Brand Management

Brand Strategy:

"A brand strategy is a business strategy from a customer's perspective,". By tapping our expertise in idea breakout capabilities and right-brain creativity, we outline a client's ideal brand—from their perspective—before proposing and implementing a consistent brand strategy covering all aspects from business management to marketing.

Main issues

  • Redefining brands and brand vision creation
  • Rebranding and business strategy creation
  • Post-business merger branding
  • Customer experience (customer-brand experience) design
  • Brand symbol development (corporate identity and visual identity)
  • Lectures on brand strategy and workshops for directors and employees
  • Brand Architecture

    “Bridge between Strategy & Expression.”

    Brand Architecture is the structure of brand within organizational identity.It is the way in which the brands in a company portfolio are related to – or differentiated from one another. The architecture should define the hierarchies within an organization; how the corporate brand works in synergy within the sub brands; how they support or detract from one another ; how the sub brands reflect or strengthen the strategic objectives of the corporate brand to which they belong.

    Brand architecture has long been regarded as a static fixture, clearly categorized with fairly low priority given to proactive management despite the fact that the brand architecture is a legacy of past & present and can often provide an opportunity for significant value creation if managed properly. In addition to this, organizations today navigate far great complexity in rapidly changing markets; because of this brand architecture should be fluid and reactive in order to continually leverage maximum value.

    New opportunities for brand expression have created a demand for a new breed of creative consultant who is not limited by role definitions, whom is called brand architecture.

    Brand architecture cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines to provide innovative and cohesive brand solutions in a variety of mediums.