Marketing Management

Marketing strategy

Organizations constantly strive to increase efficiency, implement best practices and deliver increased shareholder value. In our globalized world, any competitive advantage is short-lived. New competitors can emerge from unknown corners and capture significant market share in a short time period. The most important source of sustainable competitive advantage in a fast changing environment is continuous innovation. For that reason, innovation has become the cornerstone of company strategy.

For IPMAJ CO., “making strategy happen” means fundamentally rethinking the business model that a company uses.

Typical Challenges

  • How do I implement my strategy?
  • How can we co-develop products with partners and clients?
  • What is the optimal road to market for a new service?
  • Is our business model aligned with our business strategy?
  • What can we change in our business model to gain a new competitive advantage?
  • Is the implemented programs aligned with our strategy sound?
  • How do I leverage my partner network for innovation?
  • How do I organize and manage the road to successful innovation?
  • What should our portfolio of innovation projects look like?

  • Marketing Research:

    In today's competitive business environment, do you really want to take the risk of planning your company strategies without sufficient research and a correct analysis of your market?

    Remember…the more knowledge a business has about its customers, the more likely it is to succeed. From discovering a gap in the market to ensuring customer satisfaction and planning effective campaigns, research can give you necessary information needed for your company's success, enhance competitiveness and maximize profits.

    We believe marketing research isn’t marketing research any more, It’s about fresh thinking, creative spirit and innovation.

    Understanding your customers

    complete understanding of your target audience? Their buying patterns, their attitude and psyche? Market research gives you the low-down on all the above as well as their level of contentment and individual preferences. As a result, businesses can more effectively target resources at particular groups or better understand their purchasing patterns.

    Remember…market research helps you make more informed business decisions thereby reducing risks and avoiding unnecessary usage of time and money. At BM Group, our strong analytical team ensures you of efficient service and dedication in helping you achieve your company goals.

    Tapping new markets

    Is there a new market you'd like to explore? Market research gets you relevant details before you test the waters, so you can be sure of your plan of action. Similarly, research helps companies planning on new product launches. You can determine the most appropriate and profitable launch program, as well as activities like advertising, marketing and public relations.

    Evaluating market trends

    Are you keeping pace with current market trends? Since these keep changing, it is imperative that they are well assessed so that your marketing plans can be altered to advantage.

    Understanding the competition

    Are you keeping track of what the competition is doing? You can learn from your competitors' mistakes and successes. By embarking on a competitor analysis, you will be able to pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths not only of your rivals, but also emerging, small competitors.