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Ideah Pouyan Maj (IPMAJ) Co. Serve organizations, companies & individuals in the area of consulting for Creative Campaigns, Branding & Identity, Media Planning, Advertising Strategy, Marketing, Sales & Business Development as consultant & executive management.

We help top management and marketing executives from real & long lasting improvements with our trusted solutions to beat their competitions and generate substantial, lasting financial impact. We support organizations & companies who want to be more innovative and effective in their field of business and services by providing advice and expertise to develop strategic and tactical marketing and advertising programs as creative campaigns “Our Promise Is Your Success”

Our Vision

The strategic challenge for companies today is to innovate. This is easier said than done. Innovation involves so many aspects of a business, that it is hard to see the forest for the trees. IPMAJ Co. has developed a set of capabilities within its Strategy & Innovation Leadership centre of excellence.

Supporting enterprises by assisting with the development and design of their business strategy. Helping clients to develop their strategy and navigate various enabling methodologies. Providing guidance on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and how it can be used as a strategic business tool.

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Shahnaz Zomorodbakhsh

Project Manager

Sayid Behnam

Managing Director

Maryam Norouzi Mokari


Sousan Abedi

Commercial Manager

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