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تبلیغات هایپر استار

Point of sale advertising

One of the most important types of advertising is Advertising at the Point Of Sale. This branch of advertising has grown a lot today due to its high impact on sales and brand introduction; And it has attracted the attention of many brands, stores and businesses.
Point-of-sale (APOS) advertising is a type of advertising that is mainly done in hypermarkets, shopping malls and stores One of the most important advantages of this advertisement is that it is located in the place of customers’ decision to buy; Therefore, this type of advertising can be one of the factors in creating unplanned and unexpected purchases of customers.
The best place to do point-of-sale advertising is the big hypermarkets across the country; Because a large number of people come to these places every day to shop and encounter your ads.

The need to advertise at the point of sale

  1. Advertising at the point of sale enlivens the sales space and gives it color, beauty and design, and increases the visual connection with customers.
  2. With ads at the point of sale, you can introduce and advertise the specific product that is desired or your business message.
  3. Point-of-sale advertising is used to promote the brand and the store.
  4. To remind the brand advertising message, we use point-of-sale advertising.
  5. To introduce a new product, point-of-sale advertising can have a huge impact.

POS monitors or point-of-sale billboards

One of the most important and widely used media of point-of-sale advertising, which has gained a lot of global popularity today, are POS displays or backlight boards; These billboards have backlighting and attract customers.
For the most effective advertising of backlight boards, it is better to have high print quality to attract more audience.
In Ideh Pouyan Maj, we offer textile backlit panels that are frameless and have very good print quality, sharp light and high attractiveness.

Types of ads at the point of sale

In Ideh Pouyan Maj the types of advertisements that are presented at the point of sale are:

  1. Advertising backlinks that you can rent and reserve to advertise for your brand and store; These billboards are basically made of very high resolution textures and light Sharp and are installed in separate floors of Hyperstar in busy places.
  2. Install advertising stickers on the sidewalls of escalators and ramps in hyperstars

Essential points in point of sale advertising

  1. The point of sale advertising design must have the necessary message and creativity to attract a high audience.
  2. The print quality should be high in the point of sale advertisements so that it can introduce your brand well.
  3. Places used to place environmental advertisements should be completely within sight and even visible from different angles; Basically, the best places to advertise are the point of sale of Hyperstars entries.
  4. In order for advertising to be effective, it is better to use at least three backlight signs in Hyperstar in the floors, parking lot and store.

Hyperstars under the advertising cover of Ideh Pouyan Maj Agency

Ideh Pouyan Maj Agency has a variety of billboards in various sizes in some of the major hyperstars in the country; For example, in the mentioned hyperstars, you can rent backstage textile boards and receive point-of-sale advertising services from Ideh Pouyan Maj Agency:

  1. Eram Hyperstar (Bakri Hyperstar) which is one of the busiest hypermarkets in Iran.
  2. Hypermi, which has several branches throughout Tehran and Iran, including in Tabriz, Mashhad, Yazd and etc.
  3. Hyperstar City Center in Isfahan
  4. Persian Gulf Hyperstar in Shiraz

Convenient place to place point of sale ads

Choosing the right place to place point of sale ads always has a high impact on promoting sales.

Ideh Pouyan Maj’s point-of-sale advertising experts, with sufficient experience in this field, will correctly identify your advertising position in hyperstars and will help you achieve your goals for high-yield and effective advertising.

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